Harry Potter star Tom Felton has been caught in false online rumours – here is an explanation of how and where the accusations started on Twitter.

Social media platforms have become the go-to place to check the latest news and updates on celebrities and internet personalities.

Unfortunately, some celebs become victims of online trolling and false rumours, which create long threads of fake news.

In Tom Felton’s case, the Draco Malfoy actor found himself caught in fake news after rumours that he was chatting to a minor on Instagram went viral.

Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

Tom Felton gets the ‘cancelled’ treatment on Twitter

If you log into Twitter and search for Tom Felton’s name, you will find that the 33-year-old actor was dragged into a ‘cancellation’ trend in the morning of Monday, October 19th.

A number of social media users ‘cancelled’ Tom following rumours that he sent a direct message to a young Instagram user.

Within a few hours, the actor’s name climbed the top ten trending searches on Twitter, leaving many of his fans confused.

There are currently nearly 50k tweets about Tom and the accusations against him.

Allegations against Tom Felton debunked

Online posts quickly circulated on Twitter which allegedly shown screenshots of messages between Tom and another person.

However, within a few hours, many fans debunked the rumours against Tom and found proof that the screenshots were fake.

“Please pay attention to the editing in the Tom Felton tweets,” one Twitter user explained. “these are not my photos but they are pointing out the poor editing. the overlapped message in the first photo, the alignment of pfp’s in the second, and the arrow to pfp size in 3 & 4.”

Meanwhile, a number of Twitter users said that the person behind the allegations has confirmed the screenshots were fake.

Fans respond with support for Tom

Many people have slammed the fake screenshots, explaining that creating false allegations about a serious matter like this was wrong.

One person tweeted: “I don’t like tom felton but don’t create false accusations about him grooming someone?? that’s really serious and not something to fake because you don’t like someone.”

Someone else said: “I do not support tom in any way BUT spreading such harmful information about someone just isn’t right.”

Here are more reactions from Twitter users.

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