Have you seen SSgt banks memes take over your feed and been left confused? You’re not alone – let us explain!

Over the past day, SSgt Banks memes have taken over the AirForce subreddit, with threads of hundreds of comments on memes about someone called SSgt Banks, often depicting him reluctantly returning to work.

But where do the memes come from and what are they referring to?

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What are the Ssgt banks memes about?

The memes started – as every good internet beef starts – when top enlisted airman of the US airforce Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) JoAnne S. Bass uploaded a picture to facebook.

The now-famous Staff Sergeant Banks commented on the post asking: “Is it Bass or Bass?” in reference to the pronunciation of her surname.

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Ya'll better put some respekt on CMSAF JoAnne S. Bass name!

Posted by Air Force amn/nco/snco on Sunday, 18 October 2020

In a 101 lesson of why you probably shouldn’t troll, Bass responded: “Hmm, seems like you and a few of your friends enjoy trolling our Air Force sites. Give me a call Monday…I’d like to chat about it. Maybe I’m missing something.”

Followed by another: “Oh I absolutely have a sense of humour…love to have fun and laugh. But disrespect, trolling…doesn’t go over well with me. My team has SSgt Banks’ info…as well as his crew.. I’m sure there’s a solid explanation. Right?!?!”

Reactions to the Bass and Banks drama

The interaction between SSgt Banks and CMSAF Bass has had people split on who is in the right. Some agree that it was disrespectful, and say that he had commented on a few different posts. A few people even pointed out incidents of sexism in the Airforce.

Others however felt Bass was too strict with her response and had over reacted to was a light-hearted joke rather than trolling. Some even suggested that it might in fact have been an honest question about her last name.

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SSgt Banks memes ensued

Whether or not they agreed on who was in the wrong, one thing the Airforce Subreddit did seem to agree on was that it made for some good memes.

Reddit users flooded the site with jokes about the Facebook post, including what Banks’ first day back on Monday will look like.

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