Lovecraft Country came to a dramatic conclusion on October 18th and fans have been left with plenty of questions including ‘how did Leti come back to life?’

Lovecraft Country has been wowing fans since it arrived on our screens in August.

The show’s blend of sci-fi and supernatural horror and the real-life horrors of racism have made the series essential viewing.

However, all good things must come to an end and the same can be said for season 1 of Lovecraft Country, the final episode of which aired on October 18th on HBO.

The season finale, titled Full Circle, has naturally left fans with plenty of questions after a mind-blowing episode that was packed with magic, sci-fi tech and plenty of dramatic twists and turns.

One of the biggest questions to emerge from the season 1 finale is ‘how did Leti come back to life?’ after she had appeared to have been killed off for good.

Lovecraft Country episode 10

After returning from 1921 with the Book of Names at the end of episode 9, Atticus and Leti quickly set to work on finding out how they can use the book to save Diana as her Topsy curse continues to engulf her.

Tic and Leti begin to perform the spell that will save Dee but the Book of Names transports them into a mysterious burning building that acts as an ancestral plane, similar to that seen in Black Panther. Here, Tic and Leti learn of their roles in the climactic struggle to come.

Tic will be forced to give his blood and indeed his life, while Leti learns the spell that will help them to defeat Christina and stop her from becoming immortal.

The two are successful in saving Dee from the curse, although her arm remains disfigured. Thankfully, Hippolyta has a solution for that.

Tic, Leti and the gang eventually travel to Ardham where they hope to perform the spell that will defeat Christina but there’s a sinister twist to this tale as it’s revealed that Ruby, who gave Leti a vile of what we thought was Christina’s blood for the spell, is not actually Ruby at all.

Instead, it’s a disguised Christina who has her own plans and aims to use Tic’s blood in making herself immortal.

In a tense fight, Leti is pushed from a window and appears to be dead, this time for good after Christina removed the invulnerability spell that was previously protecting her.


How did Leti come back to life?

  • Leti survives the fall because she was re-branded with the mark of Cain, giving her invulnerability once again.

Surprisingly, it was Christina who appeared to give Leti the invulnerability spell back, either during the fall or once she had already hit the ground.

However, fans have been left extremely confused as to why Christina would do this as Leti proves to foil her plans at the last moment.

The publication, Insider, writes: “This isn’t really explained much further, though, and it’s unclear why Christina would heal Leti when she knew that Leti could potentially hinder her magic.”

Perhaps it was a brief moment of compassion from Christina or was she simply keeping a promise she made to Ruby before killing her?

Maybe it was a piece of Ruby’s lingering spirit that re-cast the spell and saved Leti?

Frustratingly, only the creators of Lovecraft Country know that answer while the scene is left open to viewer interpretation.


Lovecraft Country season 1 came to an end on HBO on October 18th, 2020 after 10 episodes.

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