Little Mix just posted a teaser on Twitter for their new song ‘Sweet Melody’ and it’s sparked some serious controversy on Twitter. Who is it that’s whispering?

The word ‘Jesy’ started trending on Monday night (October 19th) as Little Mix fans took over Twitter with their confusion. The band released a little teaser of their new music video, and fans couldn’t work out who was who.

Jesy and Jade look strangely similar, and fans have been taking to social media to try and work it out. Is Jesy whispering to Jade? Or is Jade whispering to Jesy?

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Little Mix post a Sweet Melody teaser

Little Mix took to Twitter on Monday night (October 19th) to post a teaser of their new song ‘Sweet Melody’ to their fans.

The ten-second long clip shows a short snippet of the track and the music video, which featured up-close shots of Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne’s ultra-glossy lips.

They also posted a date ‘23.10’ announcing that the track will be released on October 10th.

Little did they know, the clip was about to start a Twitter storm as Little Mix fans debated over a certain detail.

Whispering scene causes confusion

In one scene of the teaser, one of the Little Mix girls can be seen whispering at one of the others, and it’s caused some serious controversy as fans can’t work out who is who.

All you can see is the eye, cheek and ear of one girl, whilst on the other you can see their lips and nose ring.

At first, fans were sure that it was Jesy whispering at Jade. But then when you look at it closer, it seems like Jade is whispering at Jessie.

The girls look strangely similar, and it’s caused some real confusion.

Fans debate on Twitter

The scene caused so much debate that the word ‘Jesy’ actually began trending on Twitter. There have already been almost 4,000 tweets containing the term, and that number is growing every minute.

One Twitter user said: “Ok so it’s jade whispering into Jesy’s ear right?”

“I‘m gonna have an absolute meltdown if this is actually Jade whispering to Jesy and not the other way around because until now i never understood why people thought they look like sisters,” said another.

People started really analysing their faces, comparing birth marks, tattoos, ears, hands and lips to try and find a defining feature that proved who was who, but no one could agree.

Another person said: “Y’all are crazy. In that clip Jade is clearly whispering into Jesy’s ear. That spot on her face only Jesy has that #Confetti #SweetMelody.”

“Why can’t I tell if it’s Jade or Jesy whispering on the teaser tho,” said another.

It certainly doesn’t seem like this debate is ending any time soon.

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