The ‘Canceled” Larray lyrics are wild but who does he mention on the diss track? Fans are flocking to Twitter to praise the new song.

Once again, listening to music is helping us all keep a smile on our faces through bad times.

Arguably, few things in life offer the consistent comfort which music does.

So, imagine listening to a track and hearing yourself referenced… and not in a good way.

Yeah, you’d be caught pretty off guard. Nevertheless, this has happened to a vast array of celebrities and media personalities for as long as we can remember.

Recent notable diss tracks have called out people from Eminem to Stormzy. Usually, the artist tends to go in hard on one person, devoting the track to them.

However, Larray has clearly set his sights higher and his scope wider.

The 22-year-old social media figure is well known for his funny content, perhaps best associated with the TikTok group The Hype House.

He has now released a new track called ‘Canceled’ and there are more name-checks than a club guestlist…

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‘Canceled’ Larray lyrics – who does he mention?

A wealth of names are referenced in the ‘Canceled’ lyrics so we thought we’d list the lyrics in which different people are mentioned.

So, here goes:

  • Let’s start off with Bryce Hall, yeah, he got some smelly balls. B**ch, I only know his name, ’cause Addison gave him fame
  • Oh, Jeffree Star says nig- Up next is this boy named Noah, Mr. thick neck b**ch, uh
  • Ain’t nobody know her. Now, I see why Dixie chose him, he hit different
  • Cause he got a bigger Peter, ain’t that right Griffey?
  • Nikita wanna be the same shade as Lupita (Oop)
  • Shane Dawson got a cat, hold on, someone call PETA
  • Tana gets cancelled every 5-7 business days. She finds a way to f**k up every different way… “She dated Jake?”
  • Tony locked up for tryna bag a señorita / This ain’t a race Tony Lopez caught a case (B**ch!)
  • Nessa sharted all up on Josh’s face
  • Don’t want the smoke but Charli had that vape
  • Thomas, I can tell your breath stank (Yuck). Don’t got the hype because when Charlie left y’all tanked (Mwah)
  • Tati forty and complaining about some vitamins (Grow up). You don’t like James, so why the hell did you invite him in? (Bye)
  • Bryce and Josh tried to bully little Chase (Y’all weird)
  • E’ and Gray unfollowed me so they got blocked (They’re fake). And after Sister Squad, their channel went and flopped (Sorry)
  • I’ma hit a lick on David Dobrik. Rob his shit, take his Tesla, then I floor it (It)

Head over to Genius to check out the full lyrics.

Most are actually above, however. He really does try to reference someone in pretty much every bar.

Fans praise the diss track on Twitter

Since the track dropped, plenty of fans have flocked over to Twitter to offer their thoughts and recommend it.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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