A major Twitter debate is currently going on as users can’t agree on the colour of Billie Eilish’s Nike shoes. Are they pink or green?

Remember the famous dress that went viral back in 2015 as everyone couldn’t agree on whether it was blue and black or white and gold? Well it’s back – sort of.

Twitter users are currently involved in a similar debate, but this time it’s over the colour of Billie Eilish’s Nike trainers, and it’s causing some serious controversy online – what colour do you think they are? View the photo below.

Photo by Jim Dyson/Redferns

Billie Eilish starts shoe colour debate

Billie Eilish took to her Instagram Story yesterday (October 19th) to start a controversy about a pair of her shoes.

The singer showed her followers a pair of Nike Air trainers which she claimed were mint green and white. However, she said that her father believed the shoes were pink and white.

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This started a viral social media debate, with people taking to Twitter to argue about it. What colour do you think the trainers are?

What do Twitter users think?

After Billie Eilish uploaded the video to her Instagram Story, a Twitter storm has emerged as users are confused about the colour of Billie Eilish’s trainers.

One Twitter user said: “Billie eilish is trippin us with her nike shoes yall.”

“Billie Eilish’s Nike shoes are green and white…or are they pink and white? This optical illusion is 2020’s version of The Dress,” said another.

Another person said: “Ok Billie Eilish is completely f*cking me up with her shoes nike explain this phenomenon i will not sleep until u do.”

What colour are the trainers?

Billie ranted on her Instagram Story, claiming that all of the “sneakerheads” like herself know that the trainers are actually green and white, and despite all the contorversy, it turns out she’s right.

If you find a picture of the Nike Air More Uptempo online, there is definitely no pink in sight, and the trainers truly are green and white. On StockX, the trainers are trainer colour is described as “barley green and white”, sporting a “green-based upper with white accents”.

Despite this, social media users are still arguing that the shoe in Billie’s story is different to those online, but there is definitely no evidence of a pink and white colourway of the shoe existing.

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