Steph and Ayesha Curry tied the knot back in 2011 and with three kids they have been couple goals for people all over the world ever since.

If their relationship couldn’t get any sweeter, the pair met back when they were only 14 and 15 years old!

Many people have been wondering who Ayesha’s parents are, and if that is you then look no further as we have all the information you need.

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Who are Ayesha Curry’s parents?

Ayesha’a parents are John and Carol Alexander. Carol is of Afro-Jamaican and Chinese-Jamaican descent, while John is of mixed African-American and Polish descent.

Ayesha’s family lived in Toronto until she was 14 years old, when they moved to North Carolina. It is there where she met her husband, Steph Curry.

With four siblings, Ayesha is one of five children. Her siblings are called Maria, Janiece, Jaz and Chad.

Ayesha tries out a new hairstyle

Ayesha posted a new photograph to her Instagram page where she can be seen with a blonde wig on.

Many people wondered if the hairstyle was new, or here to stay, but Ayesha addressed the situation on her Twitter where she wrote:

“It’s the fun wig for a switch up and extremely common IG filter we all use from time to time for me… I just…y’all be taking this stuff wayyy to serious.”

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