Another piece of artwork by mystery artist Banksy has appeared on the British streets, and this time it’s in Nottingham.

People in Nottingham started noticing a strange new piece of artwork had appeared in the outskirts of the city this week, and it looked very familiar to the work of Banksy. However, people weren’t actually sure if the work was his – until now.

A picture of the artwork was posted to the Banksy Instagram on Saturday morning, confirming that the graffiti had been done by him – and social media users have been reacting to the new artwork on Twitter.

Banksy’s new artwork appears in Nottingham

A new piece of artwork has appeared on a brick wall in Nottingham, now confirmed to have been painted by mystery British artist Banksy.

The graffiti is on the wall next to a beauty salon on the junction of Rothesay Avenue and Ilkeston Road in Lenton, just outside of Nottingham town centre.

It pictures a girl hula-hooping with a bicycle tyre, and a broken bicycle is tied up to a lamppost next to it – which certainly adds effect.

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Social media users react to Banksy’s new artwork

Ever since the Banksy Instagram confirmed the graffiti was his, people have been taking to social media to react to his latest work.

One Twitter user said: “The bike definitely makes it and will just have to stay chained there forever #Banksy #Nottingham.”

“How does one steal a wall? #banksy,” said another.

Another person said: “Absolutely loving that #Banksy has been to Nottingham and done this for us. Cheers mate!”

Many social media users were also angered after the artwork was vandalised yesterday.

One person said: “So he was really in Nottingham! Authenticated at last! I hope folks will appreciate it and stop vandalising it! Hats off to the two women who spent hours cleaning it up yesterday.”

This is Banksy’s first artwork since his London Tube piece in July

The hula-hooping girl in Nottingham is Banksy’s first piece of UK artwork since July, when he painted an inspiring piece of work designed to encourage people to wear a face mask.

A video posted to the Banksy Instagram showed a man who is believed to be Banksy disguised as a cleaner as he painted rats around the carriage. One of the rats appears to be sneezing, whilst another is spraying anti-bacterial gel.

The word ‘Banksy’ was also written in huge letters, however the whole instalment was removed by TfL as it goes against their strict anti-graffiti policy.

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