It’s another day and the Ace Family are being ‘cancelled’ yet again. Well, this time it’s just Austin that is under fire – but what did he do?

The Ace Family are without a doubt one of the most drama-filled YouTube families out there. Every day their fans seem to be exposing them for something they did wrong, and it’s pretty hard to keep up.

The latest 20202 drama consists of fans grilling Austin McBroom, and here’s exactly what he did.

The Ace Family YouTube

Who are the Ace Family?

The Ace Family are YouTubers with over 19 million subscribers.

The family consists of former Basketball star and dad Austin McBroom, Instagram Influencer and mum Catherine Paiz and their three children Elle, Alaia and Steel. 

They like to be referred to as the ‘Aces’ as the word includes the first initial of every member of the family, and they are popular on YouTube for their family vlog content.

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What is the latest Ace Family 2020 drama?

In the latest bout of Ace Family 2020 drama, people are grilling Austin McBroom after he did something that fans don’t agree with in one of his YouTube videos.

A video started going viral on TikTok that contained a clip from one of The Ace Family vlogs where Austin was yelling and cussing at his wife Catherine in front of their children.

In the clip, Austin moans at Catherine for starting to film whilst his hair didn’t look right, swearing whilst he held all three children in his arms. That part of the video was obviously supposed to be edited out but was left in by mistake.

The TikTok video was deleted, but copies of it still exist online and it’s had some serious backlash from fans.

Fans ‘cancel’ Austin McBroom

Ever since the TikTok video went viral, fans have been taking to Twitter to give Austin some serious backlash.

One Twitter user said: “Don’t watch the ace family but literally saw a video of Austin cussing at Catherine in front of his kids, she looked like she was on the verge of tears.”

“Seen a video of Austin cussing at Catherine in front of the 3 kids has me so upset, said another.

Another person said: “I just saw how Austin yelled at Catherine from the ace family and that’s not acceptable she deserves better.”

“Can y’all stop reposting the ace family and finally take them down?! @tiktok_us@YouTube I’m tired of seeing @AustinMcbroom treat his wife like sh*t,” said another Twitter user.

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