A number of social media users have been left confused at the meaning of one slang phrase – so what does ‘d4h9’ mean?

Abbreviations and slang words have gained massive popularity with users around the world.

They have become widely popular across the Internet and are used in messaging apps or left as comments on social media platforms like Twitter or TikTok.

But some of those acronyms, such as ‘d4h9’, are not that innocent and you might want to check up its definition in advance before you send it out to someone.

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What does ‘d4h9’ mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘d4h9’ is a slang phrase that is used when someone is interested in engaging in anal sex.

According to the definition, ‘d4h9’ is an abbreviation for ‘down for hiney’ where hiney is another slang word used for the buttocks.

There are a number of other acronyms used on the internet and some people might be surprised at the language used on messaging apps these days.

Like many abbreviations, it’s unclear who came up with ‘d4h9’ but once an acronym gains popularity, it’s hard to track down who the original creator is.

In a 2015 report, CNN published a list of 28 acronyms that every parent should be aware of.

Other definitions of ‘d4h9’

While the above definition is the most popular one, ‘d4h9’ is often recognised as an “unknown term”.

For instance, another user on Urban Dictionary has defined the slang word as:

“It’s an unknown term that will never be known……..ever trust me, you will never know the true meaning of this lovely word.”

‘d4h9’ on TikTok

If you search for ‘d4h9’ on TikTok, you will come across several videos from user @teacherluke, a teacher and actor who explains common English slang words.

He has done a few clips where he talks about slang phrases, including ‘d4h9’. However, he has left the term’s definition unexplained.

Luke has amassed 1.5 million followers on TikTok and he might have left the meaning of the word undefined because of young fans.

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