After questions such as ‘Who is Ethan Dolan dating?’, fans of the YouTuber want to know more about his girlfriend Kristina Alice – is she on Instagram?

With the rise of social media influencers, fans have found themselves emotionally involved in their careers and relationships.

One of the internet’s most famous pairs is The Dolan Twins, twin brothers Ethan and Grayson Dolan, who rose to fame with their Vine videos before moving to YouTube and other online platforms.

After a series of YouTube videos, people want to find out more about Ethan’s girlfriend Kristina Alice. Plus, is Kristina on Instagram?

Ethan Dolan, Dolan Twins on YouTube

Ethan Dolan and Kristina Alice: Relationship

The rumours about Ethan and Kristina started after a fan allegedly spotted them together on a beach.

According to cartier tea, the girl in the video is Kristina Alice who is a social media influencer from Australia.

She also appeared in the video ‘Hawaiian Party’, a music project written and directed by the Dolan twins. In the clip, Kristina and Ethan are romantically involved.

Moreover, Distractify previously reported that the two shared Instagram Stories from the same spot which fuelled the rumours that they are actually dating.

The Dolan Twins on YouTube

How did Ethan reveal he has a girlfriend?

In a video called ‘addressing assumptions about us…’, one fan asked: “Is Ethan in a committed relationship?” to which Ethan firmly answered: “Yup”.

While the YouTuber didn’t directly say that he’s in a relationship with Kristina, many of his fans knew that he was referring to her.

One Twitter user said: “Kristina Alice. The girl he kissed in the music video. I think everyone knows that by now. Like read the room.”


Moreover, Ethan has started featuring Kristina more on his social media channels. In a previous video on The Dolan Twins’ YouTube channel, Kristina revealed that she could come to Los Angeles and reunite with Ethan.

One fan reacted under the video: “ethan’s girlfriend looks like the nicest most genuine person ever. she’s so supportive it’s really heartwarming.”

And if you head to The Dolan Twins’ YouTube channel now, you will come across Kristina in many videos – fans are finally getting the content they’ve been looking forward to!

Is Kristina Alice on Instagram?

Yes, Kristina is back on Instagram! You can find her under the handle @kristinaalice1.

Kristina previously took down her account and a number of Ethan’s followers have claimed that she deleted her profile following backlash from other users.

But now that she is back on the social media platform, we expect her to share more snaps with Ethan.

In a recent Instagram post, Kristina and Ethan celebrated their first anniversary.

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