Fans are in shock as popular YouTuber Kayla Nicole TV has just announced that she’s pregnant, and she’s almost about to give birth.

Kayla Nicole took to Instagram yesterday (October 15th) to reveal that she’d been keeping a pretty big secret for a very long time – she’s pregnant! The news was completely unexpected, and certainly came as a shock to everyone.

Many of her followers have been taking to Twitter to congratulate the social media star on her big news, and they’ve also been reacting to the sudden announcement.

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Who is Kayla Nicole TV?

Kayla Nicole Jones, better known by her social media name Nicole TV, is a popular American YouTuber.

The 19-year-old from Alabama has gained over 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, popular for her comedic sketches, beauty tutorials and vlogs.

Kayla Nicole also has over 4.7 million followers on Instagram, and she’s probably best known for being the girl from the viral meme below.

Kayla Nicole TV announces she’s pregnant in YouTube video

Kayla Nicole took to her Instagram Story yesterday (October 15th) to post some photos that nobody was expecting.

The YouTuber posted a series of images to her Story that showed her cradling her baby bump. First, she appeared in a pink tracksuit, then an orange camp mini dress as she announced the big news to her fans.

One of the photos had a caption, as Kayla Nicole simply said “7 months next week” revealing that despite only just announcing the news, she is already nearly full-term.

She also then reposted a video from her TikTok to her Instagram feed addressing her pregnancy.

Kayla Nicole is expecting the baby with her fiancé Luhkye who she got engaged to earlier this year.

@kaylanicolejones Instagram Story

Fans react on Twitter

Following the shock announcement, Kayla Nicole’s followers have been taking to Twitter to discuss the news.

One Twitter user said: “KaylaNicole appearing out of the blue pregnant as hell is not how I expected to start my day.”

“Kayla Nicole really pregnant lol that’s funny but crazy,” said another.

Whilst some fans were in complete shock, others had already suspected the YouTuber was pregnant after claiming they saw a small bump in one of her videos.

“Why y’all acting surprised kayla Nicole pregnant… ik y’all seen the YouTube video where she had that lil stomach,” said one follower.

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