It’s time for Ghost of Tsushima to receive a beefy multiplayer update. The brand new Legends DLC will allow up to four players to play the game in co-op mode, and best of all, this is provided as a free update to the existing game.

Ghost of Tsushima has won a lot of praise for its pensive, wide open sandbox, creating a solitary experience as the player takes on the role of a lone wandering samurai, facing off against Mongol invaders.

The new DLC departs from this mostly grounded single-player experience by offering up a new chapter of intense co-op gameplay with an unashamedly supernatural twist.

What time will Ghost of Tsushima update?

According to developer Sucker Punch Studios, Ghost of Tsushima’s update will begin rolling out at 08:00 PT (11:00 ET, 16:00 BST) on October 16th, and the rollout should be finished worldwide an hour later, although the exact time will vary by region.

The PlayStation 4 updates automatically by default, so the new 1.1 update should be downloaded and installed automatically unless you’ve turned this setting off.

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In the event that automatic updates are not installed on your console, you can check for updates automatically by hovering the cursor over Ghost of Tsushima, pressing the Options button on the controller (commonly used as the pause or start button in most games) and selecting “Check For Updates”.

How to get the Legends DLC

To get Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends DLC, you’ll need to download a second file that unlocks online play. This can be found either from searching the PlayStation store, or can be accessed in-game.

Before being able to play Legends, if the player speaks to Gyozen or selects Legends from the menu, you will be redirected to the update’s page on the PlayStation store. There, you will be able to download the required file to allow online play.

This process is a little confusing, but with the in-game redirects, the majority of players should be able to get the new Legends multiplayer mode running once Ghost of Tsushima’s new update reaches its release time.