Sony released update 8.00 yesterday and it’s fair to say that a lot of PlayStation 4 owners are not happy with the new party system. The patch began to trend on Twitter with many people sharing amusing memes as well as legitimate concerns about the patch and its apparent Big Brother is Watching implementation. The main question Sony loyalists have is about whether PS4 parties are being recorded in 2020, and here you’ll find an explanation for update 8.00.

In addition to releasing yesterday’s patch for their current-gen console, Sony also showed off their user interface for the PlayStation 5. This showed a lot of convoluted features to do with cards that make plenty miss the good old days of consoles just being about inserting a disc and playing, but – for those more tech savvy and connected to online – all the social and news features are probably neat

However, while there are many who are impressed with the PS5’s UI and milking of cards, there are lots more concerned about whether PS4 parties are being recorded in 2020.

PlayStation 4 update 8.00

Update 8.00 for the PlayStation 4 was released yesterday.

Aside from the concerns about parties being recorded, update 8.00 added more to the PlayStation 4 including some fresh avatars.

The patch makes it possible to mute all mics from the Quick Menu, parental controls have been simplified and made more flexible, and two-step verification has been enhanced.

The Day Before - Announcement Trailer

However, there have also been aspects removed such as Event Creation and Private Communities, which is sure to disappoint and irk some.

Most of the above features of update 8.00 for the PlayStation 4 have gone unnoticed as people are genuinely concerned about whether their parties are being recorded.

Do PS4 parties get recorded?

PS4 parties are not getting recorded as of right now in 2020.

However, while PS4 parties are not being recorded, a PlayStation 4 voice chat with a PS5 user could be.

This is sure to upset people who are understandably worried about privacy especially with this year being all about control from people in power, but Sony have provided an explanation to try to ease concerns.

According to Sony’s blog post, the ability to record parties will be an option on the PS5 for users to enable themselves.

This means that PS5 users should be able to manually decide whether they want their party to be recorded, and it also means that PS5 users could choose to record a party with someone who is on the PS4.

Those who have chosen to record their party’s voice chat will then be able to send it to Sony for moderation.

The above could prove useful in the persistent efforts to to stop online bullying, but not everyone will be comfortable with the idea of someone choosing to record parties as it’s a good intention which could easily be exploited for nefarious means.

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