Yesterday marked the annual Billboard Music Awards, and one of the winners was Harry Styles – fans were really excited when Addison Rae accepted his award.

Originally due to take place in April 2020, the Billboard Music Awards finally went ahead yesterday (October 15th), broadcasted live on NBC from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Some of the biggest winners of the night were Post Malone, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles. However, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Harry was unable to be in LA to accept his award.

Instead, TikTok Addison Rae, who was presenting the award, accepted it on his behalf, and fans have been reacting on Twitter.

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Addison Rae accepts Harry Styles’ Billboard Award

Having gained great success this year, TikTok star Addison Rae was chosen to present an award at the Billboard Music Awards.

After taking to the stage, she first gave a speech about TikTok and looked back at some key moments in her life from the past year. However, after that, she then went on to present an award to Harry Styles who won the chart achievement award.

Addison awkwardly forgot to actually open the envelope, before announcing the winner.

However, as Harry was unable to be there to accept the award, Addison accepted it on his behalf. She said: “Harry Styles is unable to be here tonight so we accept this award on his half.”

11 fan reactions

Fans have been reacting to Addison Rae accepting Harry Styles’ Billboard Award on Twitter, and it’s safe to say they’re pretty jealous. Here are 11 of the best fan reactions:

Everyone’s mood when they realised Addison gets to meet Harry just because she started dancing in front of a phone.

Addison Rae fleeing with Harry Styles’ Billboard Award.

Yeah we all noticed that Addison didn’t open the envelope, and it was pretty hilarious.

The confusion was real after seeing Addison Rae and Harry Styles trending together.

Addison might actually meet Harry Styles in the future? Life is so unfair.

Harry Styles when he heard Addison Rae would present his award. Do you think he’s a fan of TikTok?

Photoshop skills on point. Addison and Harry at the afterparty.

Addison actually renegaded her way into accepting Harry Styles’ award. Wow.

Harry Styles and Addison Rae is a very bizarre combination.

Addison Rae could meet Harry Styles before I do? Definitely not having that.

Addison Rae finding out she can’t teach Harry Styles the renegade because he didn’t show up.

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