Did you know that the phone number on the Haunting of Bly Manor nanny advert is real? Here’s exactly what happens when you call it.

The Haunting of Bly Manor has just been released on Netflix, and fans of the show were pretty excited for the second season following the huge success of the first installment, The Haunting of Hill House.

If you’ve already finished the horror series and were a huge fan, then we’ve got an extra little secret that you might like.

Leading up to the series’ release on October 9th, the producers posted a teaser photo of a newspaper advert that was looking for a nanny. Most people looked over the photo and thought nothing of it, but did you can actually call the number on the image?

If you’re too scared to give it a go for yourself, then here’s what will happen if you call 01273 915253.


The Haunting of Bly Manor post a teaser on Twitter

Back in August, the official Haunting of Bly Manor Twitter account posted a teaser for the show which would be released over two months later.

The teaser was an image of a newspaper advert that said: “Help wanted, live-in nanny”.

The description then read: “Seeking au pair for two perfectly splendid children at the Bly Manor residence. Manor is located on the English countryside. Position begins immediately.”

If you’ve watched the series, you’ll know that hiring a nanny was the premise of the show, and the story follows the lives of the new nanny, played by Victoria Pedretti, as she unfolds the scary mysteries of Bly Manor.

However, what many people didn’t realise until months later is that you can actually call the number on the advert – but what happens when you do?

What happens when you call 01273 915253?

If you call the number that was on the nanny advert, you are greeted with a voicemail message from Flora and Miles, the children from the series.

They say:

“Hi, you’ve reached the Wingrave family at Bly Manor. We’re not here right now. If you’re calling about the open nanny position, interviews will be conducted by our Uncle Henry in five days. It will be perfectly splendid. We can’t wait to meet you.”

Then at the end there’s a bit of scary music, just to make it extra creepy.

Social media users react

Despite the teaser being posted over two months ago, the voicemail message has only just been discovered, and Haunting of Bly Manor fans are going crazy for it.

One Twitter user said: “If anyone’s watching Haunting of Bly Manor I beg you call this number Flora answers the phone.”

“If anyone’s watch Bly Manor call this number… I got chills 01273915253,” said another.

Another person said: “Im sad enough to have called the number in the ad from Haunting of Bly Manor to apply for the Nanny job. It’s answered by Flora and it’s perfectly splendid.”

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