Halloween events are on the horizon in Pokémon Go, and chief among them may be an opportunity to catch the Ground/Ghost type Pokémon Runerigus.

A relatively new Pokémon, Runerigus first debuted in Pokémon Sword and Shield. An evolved form of Galarian Yamask, it’s one of the trickier Pokémon to get hold of in the Nintendo Switch games, but may well be a bonus for defeating Team Rocket in Pokémon Go.

This isn’t all. Datamining has revealed that there are a a variety of neat Halloween themed goodies coming to Pokémon Go in the near future, and while these aren’t set in stone, they’re potentially interesting additions.

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Is Runerigus in Pokémon Go?

According to information gained from datamining the latest Pokémon Go update, Runerigus has been added to the game, but is not yet accessible. The game lists both a shadow and purified version of Runerigus, which may tell us something about how this Pokémon will be made available.

If Runerigus is a shadow Pokémon, this suggests that it will be used by Team GO Rocket, giving players the opportunity to catch and purify it after the battle.

Considering that Giovanni has recently returned to Pokémon Go, this could be something that is reserved exclusively for trainer who are able to defeat him, although this remains to be seen.


What is planned for the Pokémon Go Halloween event?

In addition to Runerigus, dataminers have discovered a variety of Halloween exclusives for Pokémon Go. Chief among these appear to be special themed Halloween boxes which look similar to those available in the shop.

The game has also received a new Sableye costume, which could well be part of a new Halloween-themed raid.

Halloween also brings two new moves to the game: Incinerate, and Dark Void. As Dark Void is traditionally Darkrai’s signature move, some fans are speculating that this legendary Pokémon might appear in time for the spooky holiday.

Bear in mind that all of this is subject to change – until Niantic gives an official update on the Halloween plans, it’s unclear whether any of these new additions – including Runerigus – will be heading into Pokémon Go in the near future.

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