After last appearing on our screens in 2013, Dexter is returning for season 9 but just what story can be told after the ending of season 8?

Dexter was one of Showtime’s most popular shows during its original run between 2006 and 2013.

The series’ audience only grew with each new season and it was hugely disappointing for fans that Dexter ended when it did at the end of season 8.

However, seven years since Dexter last hit our screens, Showtime has made one of the most unexpected announcements in recent memory, Dexter will return for season 9.

As a result, fans will no doubt be scrambling to re-watch the series ahead of its return and catch up with that divisive ending to season 8.

Dexter will return for season 9

That’s right, after more than seven years since season 8 of Dexter came to an end, Showtime has announced that the series will return for a 10-episode limited series.

According to TV Line, season 9 of Dexter will begin shooting this coming winter in anticipation for a release in the autumn (fall) of 2021.

Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer is the only cast member to be confirmed in the new season while producer Clyde Phillips is also on-board to helm the new season.


Dexter season 8’s ending explained

The final episode of Dexter’s original run, titled Remember the Monsters?, aired on September 22nd, 2013 and was the series’ most-watched episode.

The series finale was a chaotic affair, to say the least, as Dexter’s murderous deeds finally looked to catch up with him.

With police investigators closing in, Dexter mounted a daring escape on his boat, hoping to meet Hannah and son Harrison in Argentina.

Dexter doesn’t make it very far, though, as his boat is caught in a storm not far off the Florida coast and he’s thought to have been killed.

However, Dexter wasn’t killed in the boat wreck as the very last scene shows him living alone under a new identity and working for an Oregon lumber company.


Where the story could go in season 9

Given that so much time has passed since season 8, the new season of Dexter could go anywhere, especially as the original finale left a blank canvas to work from.

One thing that is almost a certainty is that Dexter Morgan’s past is going to catch up with him in one way or another.

If the show was to completely start again, there would be a huge disconnect for fans so subtly continuing the story appears to be the way to go.

Whether or not Dexter goes in-search of Hannah and Harrison or goes on the run following his past deeds remains to be seen but it’ll undoubtedly make for fascinating viewing when Dexter does return to Showtime in 2021.