Shocktober has come to Clash Royale, and with the introduction of the game’s 101st card, Electro Spirit, players are looking for a way to use it to create the best possible decks.

There are definite perks for those who are able to figure out the new card quickly – big rewards are available for those who participate in the game’s introductory event by building decks that use the card.

The challenge is figuring out exactly how best to use Electro Spirit, and what other cards to include in a deck that puts it to use.

How to best use Electro Spirit in Clash Royale

Electro Spirit is a cheap card, costing just one Elixir to use. It jumps onto opponents to deal between 39 and 120 damage, depending on the player’s level, but then jumps to the closest enemey unit withing four tiles and attacks them as well.

Because the move chains, Electro Spirit can target up to nine enemies – provided they are all close enough together. The trick to best using Electro Spirit, then, is to play decks that naturally funnel enemies along a close path.

One quick and easy way to get up and running with Electro Spirit is to simply grab an existing deck that contains Ice Spirit or Heal Spirit, and swap these cards with Electro Spirit.

Best Electro Spirit decks

According to RoyaleAPI, which tracks the success of various players and the decks they use, the best Electro Spirit decks are:

  • X-Bow 3.0 Cycle: Archers, Electro Spirit, Fireball, Knight, Skeletons, Tesla, The Log, X-Bow
  • RG Fishboy Hunter 3.0 Cycle: Arrows/The Log, Fireball, Firecracker, Fisherman, Hunter, Royal Giant, Electro Spirit
  • Log Bait: Electro Spirit, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower, Knight, Princess, Rocket, The Log
  • Loon MK ID Hunter: Balloon, Electro Spirit, Fireball, Hunter, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Mega Knight, Zap
  • Hog 2.9 Cycle: Bomb Tower, Earthquake, Electro Spirit, Giant Snowball, How Rider, Knight, Musketeer, The Log

Note that with all these decks, there’s room for experimentation and swapping out cards to find the best way to use Electro Spirit based on your personal preference. RG Fishboy Hunter and X-Bow are used by several of the top ten players on the RoyaleAPI website, so these are good to start with.

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