While most eyes are on Modern Warfare following yesterday’s update 1.28, Black Ops Cold War is the next instalment in the never-ending Call Of Duty series, and Xbox One and PC loyalists can soon participate in an Open beta with crossplay included. While the Black Ops Cold War beta treats fans to some multiplayer gameplay, it also allows fans of Call Of Duty Mobile to get an Adler skin for free.

Know that Black Ops Cold War comes out in November with upgrades available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The Standard Edition of the game will be playable on next-gen via backwards compatability, but next-gen enhancements will only be available for the Cross-gen bundle and higher.

The above caveat is important to consider when pre-ordering Black Ops Cold War. But, away from next-gen upgrades, below you’ll discover how to get the Adler skin in Call Of Duty Mobile for free.

How to get Adler in CoD Mobile

You get the Adler skin in Call Of Duty Mobile by playing the Black Ops Cold War beta.

For Xbox One and PC users who are yet to enjoy the Black Ops Cold War open beta, you can get the Adler skin in Call Of Duty Mobile by simply playing it.

If you’re an Xbox One or PC user who is planning to play the Early Access or Open beta, or even if you’re a PS4 fan waiting for crossplay, you’ll need to link your Activision account in CoD Mobile before playing any sample.

Once you’ve done that, you simply need to play any remaining Black Ops Cold War beta on PS4, PC, or Xbox One using the same Activision account (Early Access for PC and Xbox One is October 15th and 16th, with the Open beta available from the 17th until the 19th).

After the betas have concluded, Activision say that the email associated with your Activision account will receive a code for you to get the Adler skin in Call Of Duty Mobile.

This is said to happen a week after the Black Ops Cold War beta ends, so – following on from PC and Xbox One – that should be roughly October 26th. However, make sure to keep checking your inbox and spam.

When the code has been received, head to Call Of Duty’s redemption page and enter your UID plus the unique code.

As for what your UID is, you will find the long sequence of numbers by opening Call Of Duty Mobile, heading to Player Profile, and looking just under your username.

Lastly, when that is done, all you need to do then is claim your reward from Call Of Duty Mobile’s in-game mail box.

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