Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the upcoming instalment for the never-ending first-person shooter series, and PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans will all soon be able to participate in a crossplay beta. While the prospect of playing more Black Ops Cold War is exciting, so too is the arrival of a Night Mode in Warzone which will come hand-in-hand with a Haunting of Verdansk. Here you’ll discover the release date for the Warzone Night Mode and Haunting of Verdansk event.

While Black Ops Cold War comes out in November, there will be PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade options available for those who buy a next-gen console sometime next year. Backwards compatibility will be available for the Standard Edition, but there is a cross-gen bundle that comes with a next-gen upgrade and this is the one you’ll want to purchase if you’re committed to getting a next-gen console sometime in the near future after launch.

However, away from next-gen upgrades and Black Ops Cold War, below you’ll discover the release date for Night Mode in Warzone.

When is Night Mode coming to Warzone?

The release date for when Night Mode is coming to Warzone is October 20th.

Night Mode will come to Call Of Duty Warzone with the Haunting of Verdansk event which will provide limited time experiences, weapons, and more.

As for how long the Halloween event will last, it will quickly conclude on November 3rd meaning players will only have two weeks to enjoy and explore a Verdansk in the thick of night.

In addition to a Night Mode which will have Warzone players battling against each other while the moon is high, it’s also expected that there will be a Zombie Royale mode.

All of this appears to be on the horizon, so October will conclude as a very good month for Call Of Duty fans thanks to the Black Ops Cold War betas and Halloween shenanigans.

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