Apple just announced the new iPhone 12, and some hilarious memes are flooding the internet – here are 17 of the best.

Just when you finally splurged and bought the iPhone 11, the new iPhone 12 finally got unveiled, and it’s had mixed reactions from social media users.

Some of its new features include 5G, a higher screen resolution, and more new colours. Another big change is the appearance, with a new metal frame. However, many people think it doesn’t seem new at all, claiming the iPhone 12 is just a glorified iPhone 5.

Since the new phone was released, people have been taking to Twitter to share their opinions of Apple’s latest launch – here are some of the funniest memes.

17 best iPhone 12 Memes

All the rich kids realising their iPhone 11 is out of date.

Payment method to buy an iPhone 12. Visa? Nope. Mastercard? Nope. Sell a kidney? Sounds good.

Something looks a little too familiar about this new iPhone.

Watching the iPhone 12 event like when you don’t even know what your iPhone 11 can do.

Everyone waiting for the iPhone 12 whilst I’m waiting for the iPhone 7 to go down in price.

iPhone 12 looking pretty similar to this k-pop album.

It’s really not much different to the iPhone 11 is it. Doesn’t even have 4 cameras.

How to get an iPhone 12 for $30.

This Twitter like button is iPhone 12 advertising in itself.

iPhone 12 looking like the iPhone 5 graduated high school.

No seriously, they look really similar.

iPhone 7 user’s kidney when the iPhone 12 launches.

Opening an OnlyFans to pay for the new iPhone.

Yep, all we see is iPhone 5. What an anti-climax.

Going to the Apple Store after selling your organs.

A new iPhone every year? No way. I’ll be waiting for the iPhone 17 now.

When you only just bought the iPhone 11 and the new one gets released.

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