EA have announced a Champion Edition for Apex Legends that will arrive in time for Season 7 of the popular multiplayer game. While we don’t have a solid date for Season 7 as of yet, it appears that Apex Legends has been teasing a new playable Legend with her asking players to come and meet me at the firing range. Here you’ll discover where to meet at the Firing Range and how to complete the A Wee Experiment challenges.

While we know that Season 7 will arrive either on or sometime after November 10th, the new and upcoming Legend does reveal their name and appearance if you complete all of her challenges that are designed for her to get data.

She has a lovely accent and appearance that just screams she will become a fan-favourite, and below you’ll discover where to Meet at the Firing Range in Apex Legends, as well as how to complete the A Wee Experiment challenges.

Where to meet at the Firing Range in Apex Legends

Whilst in the Apex Legends lobby, you will be asked to “meet me at the Firing Range” by a voice which calls you darlin’.

Once you travel to the Firing Range in Apex Legends, you won’t actually meet her or anyone in person as you simply need to approach a monitor which is only showing Disconnected.

After you’ve approached the Disconnected monitor, all you need to do is select it to Activate.

This will result in a transmission where the mysterious woman asks you to participate in a voluntary experiment as she wants to gather data on the Apex games.

Once she’s finished chatting your ear off, you will see a message saying that there are new challenges available in the lobby.

Apex Legends A Wee Experiment challenges

The A Wee Experiment challenges for Apex Legends are as follows:

  • Deal ten damage while in midair
  • Get ten knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Completing each of the A Wee Experiment challenges will reward you with 3,500 CP.

After completing the final challenge, the woman will tell you to meet her at the Firing Range again in the exact same location.

She’ll say you’ve done an excellent job and that it’s on to round two. The supplies container will open and you must grab the gravity lift keycard inside.

There are now two more A Wee Experiment challenges to complete:

  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Refinery and Skyhook within World’s Edge
  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Airbase and Repulsor Station within King’s Canyon

Below you’ll find mapped images of where to find each Gravity Lift:

Once you’ve activated all of the Gravity Lifts, return to the Firing Range and Horizon will finally reveal herself. And yes, she looks as magnificent as her accent.

There are three weeks and six days to complete the A Wee Experiment.

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