Yesterday was Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing, and the internet is obsessed with her blank notebook – here are the 15 best memes.

At the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing, Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) cleverly answered questions being thrown at her about a variety of different topics, impressing the room with her quick answers and extensive knowledge.

However, what was even more impressive was that she was doing it all with no notes in front of her at all! When asked to show her notebook, it appeared completely blank apart from the Supreme Court monogram at the top of the sheet.

The empty piece of paper quickly became a template for a viral internet meme – here are some of the best.

Photo by Hilary Swift-Pool/Getty Images

Amy Coney Barrett holds up an empty notebook

Potential new Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett has some pretty big shoes to fill following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she’s certainly heading in the right direction after impressing the room during her confirmation hearing.

Senator John Cornyn asked ACB: “Most of us have multiple notebooks and things like that in from of us, can you hold up what you’ve been referring to and answering our questions from.”

She then responded by holding up her notebook, which was completely empty. When asked if there was anything on the paper she replied “the letterhead that says the United States Senate”. The senator then simply replied with “that’s impressive”.

The empty notebook becomes a meme template

The blank white piece of paper quickly became the perfect template for internet users to create a series of memes, editing the image to make it seem like ACB’s notebook said something totally hilarious.

Almost instantly, Amy Coney Barrett notebook memes started flooding the internet – see some of the best below.

15 best Amy Coney Barrett Notepad Memes

ACB was writing a pretty controversial statement – a hot dog is a sandwich. Is it really though?

Or maybe she was drawing this.

Maybe ACB is a baseball fan.

ACB’s notepad vs Kaleigh McEnany’s giant binder.

Perhaps she was writing down her calendar. Beach week!

Overturn ROE!

Just for comparison, this was Brett Kavanaugh’s desk.

Taxation is theft.

ACB has outsmarted the world, it’s over for you h*es.

The judge was simply writing her to do list.

Who remembers the Big Chungus meme?

The blank notebook was a list of Joe Biden’s accomplishments. Savage.

ACB was really impressive.

If you can read this, you’re probably Republican.

The SCOTUS life chose me. #thuglife.

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