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Chris Sutton has told BBC Radio 5 Live (12/10/20 at 9:30 pm) that teams like Leeds United and Aston Villa will no longer be able to dream about winning the Premier League title if the ‘project big picture’ gets pushed through.

The Telegraph recently reported that Manchester United and Liverpool are behind a potential overhaul of the English game, with suggestions to reduce the Premier League from 20 to 18 teams and provide more power to the so-called ‘big six’.

It is also reported that a £250 million rescue fund is to immediately be made available for the EFL amid the current situation in the world and 25% of all future TV deals.

Everton vs Liverpool: How Jurgen Klopp's men can silence noisy neighbours

Everton vs Liverpool: How Jurgen Klopp's men can silence noisy neighbours

But former Blackburn striker Sutton stated that he is ‘absolutely baffled’ by the talk about how this proposal could result in ‘fair competition’ because he thinks it will ruin it for the rest.

“What slightly concerned me about that interview was the Derby CEO talking about it being sporting integrity,” Sutton told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I just think if the ‘big six’ turns into a cartel then how is there going to be sporting integrity when they are going to get more finance and stronger year in and year out? The gaps going to grow, isn’t it? I maybe wrong here. But I am absolutely baffled with fair competition

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“Do we think that in the Premier League [like in the NFL where at least half the teams can be in for a shout of winning at the start of a season]? And do we think even more so if this actually went ahead, the fact that the big six are getting stronger? It’s not going to be a competition for the big six. They might as well clear off to an elite league themselves and play each other.

“But where are your dreams for your Leeds United fans? Aston Villa have a had a really good window. I am not saying they can win the Premier League, far from it. But where are your dreams now that your club can win the Premier League? It’s not going to happen [if this project big picture gets pushed through].”

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In recent seasons, both Leeds and Villa have been sleeping giants in England’s second-tier, more so for the Yorkshire club.

But now the duo are back in the big time and are showcasing to the footballing world that they will do everything in their power to get back to the top.

However, proposals such as the one above just handcuffs traditionally big clubs like Leeds and Villa in competing with the best and shaking a league that has recently been dominated by the likes of Liverpool, both Manchester clubs and Chelsea, to name a few.

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