20 years after its initial launch, RuneScape and its Old School counterpart are coming to Steam. The news of its arrival on one of the most popular PC platforms has made lots of people nostalgically reminisce about their childhood and how many hours they sunk into the original game. While the popular online title has continued to exist for many years, here you’ll discover when it is coming out on Steam by knowing its release time.

In addition to coming to the popular PC platform, Jagex are also providing players with a goodie bag which will need to be claimed between October 14th and November 14th. You will also need to be a total level of at least 100, and you will also need to have completed the Burthorpe path. As for what this goodie bag beholds, it is said to be stuffed with “all sorts of surprises”.

While you have a month to claim the mysterious surprises, below you’ll discover when RuneScape comes out on Steam by knowing its release time.

What time does RuneScape come out on Steam?

No release time has been shared for when RuneScape will come out on Steam.

However, we know that RuneScape will come out on Steam on October 14th, and its release time could be 14:00 UTC.

If this happens to be the case, then the game should become playable at 07:00 PDT, 10:00 EST, and 15:00 BST on October 14th.

As for why the above hours are likely, it’s because the Steam countdown timers says that RuneScape will release in one day and six hours as of 09:00 BST on October 13th.

While the colloquially named RuneScape 3 will possibly come out at the aforementioned release times, Old School RuneScape won’t be released until sometime in 2021.

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