It seems like every day in the calendar has an event attached to it now, but October 13th is certainly dedicated to a worthy cause.

Tuesday’s date has been dubbed No Bra Day for several years now and is used to raise awareness around breast cancer.

During the day – which is in Breast Cancer Awareness Month – women are encouraged to go about their routines without wearing their bra.

Thousands of people have shared infographics and snaps to help promote the cause and encourage people to spot early warning signs of cancer.

However some people have also taken over the hashtag as they protest police squad SARS in Nigeria.

Here are some of the best posts on Twitter today…

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Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

13 of the most striking posts shared for No Bra Day 2020

Powerful: One Twitter user shared a stunning snap of a women, reminding people of the real reason behind the yearly event.

Get checked: Another used posted a picture holding her bra and reminded others “most types of breast cancer can be treated if caught early.”

Clever thinking: Making the cause relevant to their account, the St Albans Museums staff found a picture of Roman statues to share.

Arty: Bristol illustrator Harriet Lee-Merrion made her own meme for the day, showing three women using their bras as bows.

Stunning: Another person shared artwork by Cultural Activist/Women Right Advocate celebrating the international day.

The new normal: Another person joked that the coronavirus pandemic has meant her bra hasn’t been worn for seven months.

What it’s all about: Lots of infographics have been posted during the day to keep people on message.

Staying on message: Some people needed to be reminded of the real reason behind NoBraDay with some powerful images.

Talent: A drawing showing three women with mastectomy scars was also shared several times by different people.

Don’t forget! Another graphic highlighted the day on Twitter.

Important message: Someone else wrote that the day “is not about nudity, but about our women who fought against cancer and won”

Repurposed: Several people included the No Bra Day hashtag in their posts about protests over a Nigerian police squad called SARS.

Activists: The Twitter users shared pictures from the protests, combining the breast cancer awareness trend with their own hashtags.

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