Nocturne arrived on Amazon Prime Video on October 13th, 2020 but the film’s ending has left fans with questions and needs to be explained.

As October arrives once again, attention starts to turn towards the spookiest holiday of them all, Halloween.

The creepy time of year is always met with the release of new horror films and TV shows and 2020 is no different.

Amazon’s attempt at spooking up their streaming service is what they’re dubbing Welcome to the Blumhouse an event that will see four horror films released from Get Out studio, Blumhouse.

The latest of these films to arrive on Amazon Prime Video is Nocturne, written and directed by Zu Quirke.

The film features plenty of gripping twists and turns but the ending of Nocturne has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Nocturne – Official Trailer

Nocturne – Official Trailer

Nocturne on Amazon Prime Video

Nocturne arrived on Amazon Prime Video on October 13th, 2020.

The film tells the story of two twin sisters, Juliet (Sydney Sweeney) and Vivian (Madison Iseman), who are both pianists and study at the prestigious Lindberg school of music and are getting ready for the long-awaited end-of-year performance where plenty of talent scouts will be present.

Vivian was born just seconds before Juliet but life has given her all the luck in the world compared to Juliet – who is a nobody – as she is much more musically talented and popular and also has a place at Julliard waiting for her and has a loving boyfriend.

This dynamic between the two is twisted and warped throughout the film, however, after Juliet takes possession of a mysterious notebook that belonged to Moira, a girl who commits suicide in the opening scene of the film, which gives her the chance to outdo her sister for once.

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Nocturne’s ending

The final act of Nocturne is kicked off by Juliet attempting to destroy the mysterious notebook that has twisted her as a person and has left her at odds with her sister.

Juliet’s efforts to burn the book are a success but its influence hasn’t subsided.

The night of the big performance arrives and Juliet is taking the place of Vivian after an injury forces her to miss the event.

Vivian does, however, pay a visit to Juliet in the dressing room before the show but one final argument ends with Juliet plunging her hands into boiling hot water, leaving them red and scolded.

Juliet is called to the stage moments later but as she sits at the piano and is about to start playing, has a panic attack and walks back off the stage, taking refuge in a stairwell where her attention is caught by a glowing ‘exit’ sign which leads her to the roof.

She slowly walks over to the edge of the roof, dangling one foot over the edge when the blinding and psychedelic light that has followed her throughout the film appears in the sky.

The film suddenly cuts back to Juliet who has just finished her piano performance as she receives a standing ovation and even a welcoming smile from her sister.

However, we then cut back again to Juliet’s blood-covered face and mangled body as it’s revealed that she did jump off the roof moments before, landing on a particularly spiky monument/piece of art.

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Nocturne’s ending explained

While Juliet may think she’s destroyed the sinister notebook that prompted Moira to commit suicide earlier on during the film, its influence on Juliet has not subsided.

The glowing exit sign and the bright lights that appear in the sky are the perfect proof of this.

When we see Juliet’s performance end, what we’re actually seeing is a hallucination brought on by the notebook and the mysterious lights which are connected to it.

What this hallucination is, is a way of the notebook claiming Juliet as her victim, by showing her the pleasant scene of her completing her performance even though, in reality, she’s falling to her grim and grisly death.

At this point, the spirit in the notebook washes its hands of Juliet almost, as none of the passers-by in the school’s campus even notice her body, spreadeagled on the monument, as she’s returned to being the nobody we first meet at the start of the film.

Nocturne is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video after releasing on October 13th, 2020.

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