Fatima has become internet-famous as a government retraining advert got severe backlash this week, and social media users are expressing their anger through memes.

Earlier this week, the government released an advert aimed to encourage people working in the arts, an industry devastated by Covid-19, to reskill and train in a different career.

The advert showed a woman called Fatima who had trained to be a professional ballerina, and the text beside her suggested that she retrain in cyber security.

This comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak said a similar thing in an ITV News interview last week, putting forward the idea that musicians and others who are trained in the arts should find new jobs.

After extreme backlash online, the advert has now been scrapped. However, social media users continue to mock the advert in a series of viral memes – here are 17 of the best.

17 best Fatima Memes

How about this for an idea, Fatima could keep the job she loves and trained for.

Cyberman memes have had internet users in stitches.

Now for some dark humour.

Everyone when they realise this was actually a real Government ad campaign.

Pretty ironic how the advert was made by people in the arts.

The famous SpongeBob meme certainly fits here.

Dominic’s next job could be at Specsavers.

Fatima on her first day retraining in cyber. Don’t think she enjoys it very much.

The Cyberman memes just keep on coming.

What’s that? Boris enjoying a bit of music? From someone trained in the arts?

Rishi’s next job could be in Wagamama, and Gove’s next job is in Pret.

Boris’ next job could be in the circus. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Fatima’s job wasn’t in cyber after all, it was becoming a meme.

The Excel jokes are back, and it looks like Boris could be getting sacked soon.

Dom’s next job could be a castle tour guide. That lockdown trip to Barnard Castle has really come back to bite him now.

Fatima’s next job could actually be in politics, she’s here to overthrow the government.

Not a fan of cyber? How about cider!

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