Fans of the popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer ‘DanTDM’ are calling for the content creator to be cancelled following a recent livestream, but why?

If you have been on YouTube Gaming anytime in the past eight years, you will likely know who DanTDM is.

Dan Middleton, better known as DanTDM, is widely known as one of the pioneers of video game content on YouTube. Today, he has one of the most successful gaming channels on the entire platform, with nearly 24 million subscribers and more than 17 billion views.

However, even the great ‘Diamond Minecart’ is not immune to cancel culture or peoples incessant need cause Twitter drama. Recently, there have been calls for the popular content creator to be cancelled following a recent livestream on Twitch, but what happened?

Why is DanTDM getting cancelled?

  • Fans are calling for DanTDM to be cancelled because the popular YouTuber swore on several occasions during a livestream on Twitch.

During a recent stream on Twitch, Dan was playing the internet’s favourite murder-mystery game ‘Among Us’ and would say “I’m a s**t killer. I’m a terrible killer”, “what the hell is going on” and “what a dumbass dude.”

The streamer would then be given imposter, at which point he stood up from his chair and said: “F**k sake! What is going on?”

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On YouTube, the 28-year-old aims to be a family-friendly channel whose audience is predominantly younger viewers. However, fans appear to be outraged by DanTDM, a grown man, using curse language on the Twitch streaming platform.

Fans react to DanTDM swearing…

Fans of DanTDM would then take to social media to reveal how devastated they were at the content creator’s language.

The YouTuber and Twitch streamer would then address the situation on Twitter saying: “swore on stream. cancel me.”

Unsurprisingly, the tweet went viral and at the time of writing, has more than 115,000 likes. He would then reply to the original message with: “this tweet got more likes than when we announced we were having a baby..smh..”

However, countless fans would then reply with messages of support for Dan and commenting on how ridiculous the situation was.

It’s likely not going to be long before DanTDM ends up on the ‘5 Minecraft YouTubers who’ve sworn’ meme.

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