Phasmophia is a recently released co-operative horror game on Steam that has earned 64,000 players at its peak. Despite only being in Early Access, the game has grown in popularity thanks to free publicity via streamers and YouTubers, as well as because its premise is unique and a lot of fun. However, thanks to there being limited modes and ghosts, lots of people are asking about the update plans. Here you’ll discover everything that has been shared about the update plans for Phasmophobia through its roadmap.

With all sorts of different ghost types, Phasmophobia is a four player co-operative experience which tasks you and your mates (or strangers) with investigating paranormal hotspots. Like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, you have to gather evidence and deem what type of ghost is haunting the abode, but – unlike the aforementioned TV trash – your life is constantly in danger as the spectres do more than just knock on wood and unintelligibly whisper.

If you’ve been enjoying the game but are yearning for something new, below you’ll discover the update plans via its roadmap.

Phasmophobia update plans and roadmap

The update plans and roadmap for the Phasmophobia game promise new levels and equipment.

However, the same update plans and roadmap for Phasmophobia also consider a new game mode which sounds as though it could be exciting.

Over on Trello, the developers have shared their ideas that are either currently being worked on or are scheduled to happen.

Some of the in-progress tweaks include adding a single-player button that doesn’t connect to the server, and there’s also to-do objectives such as giving the ghost a chance to throw objects towards players.

However, when it comes to new and more overt updates, the plans shared in the developer’s roadmap include three new levels:

  • Prison
  • Mansion
  • Apartment building

There’s also plans to add ghost voices for when the ghost is hunting, and plates and glass will also smash into pieces to make your sanity plummet that much faster.

When it comes to equipment, the Phasmophobia update plans and roadmap include an SLS camera, night vision goggles, and a spotlight item for tripods.

Lastly, while there’s plenty more included, the most exciting is the possible inclusion of a new PvP game mode where someone controls the ghost.

The Phasmophobia update plans and roadmap have this new hypothetical game mode marked as undecided, so it’s by no means guaranteed to happen.

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