Gabbie Hanna compared herself to Lady Gaga and Twitter users were quick to share their reactions.

A famous online personality, YouTuber and musician, Gabbie Hanna is certainly loved by her fans.

Gabbie has been in the media spotlight lately after she temporarily left social media earlier this summer, deleting her Instagram posts and quitting YouTube.

But now that she is back and creates content regularly, she often goes viral on the internet. That appears to be the case when she recently compared herself to Lady Gaga.

Many fans have reacted to Gabbie’s ‘look-alike’ comments – but some of the comments the YouTube star received are not that nice.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Gabbie Hanna talks about Lady Gaga

In an Instagram Story, Gabbie did a ‘Q&A’ where she responded to the question ‘why do u think i’m lady gaga what’s happening’.

The YouTuber revealed that she has received a lot of messages where people compared her to the ‘Shallow’ singer.

Gabbie said:

“People have not stopped saying, ‘I’m getting Lady Gaga vibes, aw my god I thought this was Lady Gaga.

“What about me has all of a sudden triggered this Lady Gaga response, everybody? Is it the hair? Cause my face is the same. Is it platinum hair [that] it’s like Lady Gaga’s?”

She added:

“Or is the fact that we both kind of have big noses. We kind of do look alike actually.”

Gabbie’s comments turned into a meme

Unfortunately, a lot of online trolls have targeted Gabbie after she discussed twinning the ‘A Star Is Born’ star.

Some have even created memes and tweets with a fake beef between Lady Gaga and Gabbie, creating a whole Twitter drama from Gabbie’s comparison.

But before the fake meme gained popularity, many devoted fans revealed that it wasn’t real.

Fans react on Twitter

Some of Gabbie’s fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the comments that are coming from some online trolls.

Many said that it wasn’t necessary to drag Gabbie into yet another drama as she doesn’t deserve so much hate for comparing herself to Lady Gaga.

One fan reacted: “If Gabbie Hanna thinks she looks like Lady Gaga then it’s okay. I don’t understand why people are making fun of her for that. Just let people be happy and making drama out of nothing.”

“ik we’re all making fun of gabbie hanna again for her saying that people tell her she looks like lady gaga but i had gaga’s perfume ad on yt and genuinely thought it was gabbie,” said someone else.