Genshin Impact only just recently launched as a free-to-play action-RPG and already it has grossed $100 million. The title is incredibly popular thanks to its cute anime characters, enjoyable combat, and similarities with Breath of the Wild, and fans are able to enjoy an Elemental Crucible co-op event. Here you’ll discover everything you must know about the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op event including its entry requirements and how to play.

Content updates for Genshin Impact will reportedly arrive every six weeks, so fans won’t become too tired of the product as there shouldn’t be any shortage of fresh content. The game’s landscape is rich, its characters and combat is excellent, and all of this will continually be expanded upon.

While there will be plenty more to continually look forward to in the future, below you’ll discover the entry requirements for how to play the Elemental Crucible co-op event.

Genshin Impact co-op event start time and entry requirements

The Genshin Impact co-op event start time can be found on the in-game notice along with the entry requirements.

However, the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op event will start at a time on October 12th, and its entry requirements include being Adventure Rank 20 or higher.

Aside from boasting an Adventure Rank of at least 20, you must have also completed all quests in Prologue Act II – For a Tomorrow Without Tears.

In addition to all of the above event requirements, you must also first speak to Timaeus so you can complete the quest, One Giant Step for Alchemy.

Know in advance that the Genshin Impact co-op event will conclude on October 19th.

How to play Genshin Impact’s Elemental Crucible event

You must meet all of the aforementioned entry requirements to play the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible co-op event.

Provided you meet the requirements and have spoken to Timaeus, you then play the Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible event by travelling to the Thousand Winds temple.

You will be greeted by a Ruin Guard after your exhaustingly long climb, and you simply need to defeat it so you can then begin the limited time activity.

Approach the Elemental Crucible after defeating the Ruin Guard and enter a co-op session so you can begin.

The gameplay phase simply consists of defeating enemies and carrying Elemental cubes to the oven.

Only pick up and transfer one cube at a time, and you have a total of 15-minutes to fill the Elemental Crucible gauge.

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