Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t be more surreal, when mail-in ballots started to be sent out for the upcoming 2020 US election, voters from the California District were surprised to see Kanye West’s name.

The rappers name appears under the option of Vice President candidate of the American Independent Party; alongside the name of Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, who is the political party’ Presidential candidate.

Funnily enough, neither of them knew they were going to run alongside each other. In fact, Kanye allegedly did not actually know or give consent for his name to be in the ballot – although he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV.com

Why have the American Independent Party voted Kanye West as Vice President?

American Independent Party’ Vice Chairman Markham Robinson has stated the fact that the political party came to decision to elect Kanye West for the position of Vice President at their state convention in August 2020.

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The decision likely includes three main puling factors:

  1. Kanye’s political views
  2. Kanye’s celebrity affiliations (e.g Elon Musk)
  3. The fact that Kanye is wildly popular between the 18-25 demographic and could take away votes from both the Democrats and the Republicans; which is essentially what is good for the A.I.P.

Roque De La Fuente himself does not believe that they will be able to win in the state of California. However, thanks to Kanye, he is expecting third place.

Who is Roque De La Fuente Guerra?

Roque De La Fuente is a businessman and owner of De La Fuente car dealerships. He has managed to bag himself a fortune and, in addition, he seems to have a very strong political ambition.

He joined the American Independent Party in 2016 and ran for US senate in nine different states at the same time.

Regardless to the fact that Kanye was not Roque’s first choice for Vice President candidate, he told Newsweek how he thinks the pair will make a great team:

“We’ll probably be the first ticket in the nation that is brown—I’m brown, Mexican-American—and Mr. West is African American. So let’s see what happens in California.”

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