Social media users are sharing another new meme in relation to the Mike Pence fly incident, and this one’s pretty hilarious.

It’s been a whole day and everyone is still talking about the best event of the year so far, the fly that landed on Mike Pence. The vice-presidential debate between Pence and Kamala Harris set off to a great start. But just over an hour in, the vice president was turned into a laughing stock after a fly decided to perch right on top of his head.

The insect landed on Pence for approximately two minutes, and it had the world in stitches. Instantly, the serious discussions about the economy, racism and the coronavirus were a distant memory, and the debate will forever be remembered for one thing and one thing only. The fly.

Social media sites were flooded with memes related to the incident, and Joe Biden even used the situation to help his campaign, sharing a meme of himself as the fly swatter.

Now there’s a new meme that everyone is sharing in relation to the incident, and social media users are pretty sure they know who sent the fly.

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Twitter users think Ruth Bader Ginsburg sent the fly

Following the Mike Pence incident, Twitter users have been sharing some hilarious memes explaining who they think sent the fly – Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg, commonly known online by her initials RBG, was a justice in the United States’ Supreme Court for a huge 27 years. She was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and was the second woman ever to serve in the court.

RBG recently died in September 2020 aged 83 at her home in Washington after suffering with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

When she died, she had one wish. Ginsburg didn’t want to be replaced in the Supreme Court until after the new president is chosen in November’s election. However, Trump completely ignored this wish and replaced her with Amy Coney Barrett.

Social media users have been sharing a meme claiming that they believe RBG sent the fly to land on Mike Pence’s head as a punishment to the Trump administration for failing to honour her one wish.

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15 best ‘I sent the fly’ memes

Let the RBG fly memes commence.

A great lego reenactment.

“I sent the fly”.

The fly being interviewed.

We all know who the fly is supporting.

Another great meme.

RBG summoning the fly.

We have t-shirts.

She certainly wants Trump to know.

Ok these RBG memes are getting a bit tedious now.

RBG when the fly landed.

The fly was wearing her notorious lace collar.

The fly stunt was very effective.

Really? More RBG memes?

Everyone’s reaction to the RBG fly memes.

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