Is Ghostwriter season 3 confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the Apple TV+ series, rebooted from the nineties show of the same name.

Needless, to say, everybody has strong feelings about at least one reboot.

Sometimes you may watch a film or series and feel that it’s ripe for a fresh retelling. On the other hand, you may wish for nobody to ever even approach bringing their own flavour to it.

Arguably, there is no shortage of duds when it comes to talking reboots. However, there are some total gems amongst the bunch too.

Disney has scored success in reimagining their old classics with photorealistic CGI over the years – The Lion King, The Jungle Book – but when you’re tackling such beloved entertainment, audience division is inevitable.

Something like Ghostwriter, however, is perhaps much more approachable to reboot.

Created by Liz Nealon, this children’s series premiered between 1992 and 1995.

While it has somewhat of a cult following, the 2019 reboot on Apple TV+ introduced many to the story of young detectives and their supernatural ally.

It’s since returned for a second season but can fans expect more?

Ghostwriter (Sesame Workshop, Sinking Ship Entertainment)

Is Ghostwriter season 3 confirmed?

  • No, season 3 of Ghostwriter is yet to be confirmed by Apple TV+.

In conversation with Hidden Remote, creator Luke Matheny was asked whether a third season was on the brain “before the world fell apart”. He replied:

“There was lots of talk, but it all fell apart. So, we’ll see where we land when the world sorts itself out.”

So, it’s certainly not worth ruling out down the line.

Season 2 premiered on Friday, October 9th 2020 and reacuaints audiences with their favourite characters.

As highlighted by Digital Trends, the series has been praised by critics and general viewers alike for its performances, writing and imagination.

Season 1 earned an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Programming,, which the previous source reports landed Apple TV+ one of their very first awards.

It’s likely that the service will assess the viewing figures towards the end of October or early November in determining how popular the second season has been. If the viewing figures are impressive then it’s hard to imagine them passing on a third season when the time is right.

After all, the original series ran for three!

Luke Matheny talks Ghostwriter season 2

Once again speaking with Hidden Remote, Luke offered his thoughts on the show offering audiences some joy in uncertain times: “Right now, we’re living in a moment where you have the time, and you have your family. So, we have the show for you. It’s just a really compelling mystery, with lots of engaging and accessible characters; and this is a great time for the audience to take part.”

He added: “While there are huge, huge downsides to the circumstances we’re living in right now, perhaps the silver lining is gathering with your loved ones and diving into this other world.”

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