Fans wonder who Abby Rao’s rumoured boyfriend is following her break-up from RiceGum.

Ever since Abby Rao and RiceGum called it quits, their fans have been wondering if the two moved on with new partners.

The two have continued appearing on social media together and sparked dating rumours again. However, Abby previously revealed that she is dating someone else after her split from RiceGum.

So, who is Abby’s rumoured boyfriend?

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Who is Abby Rao?

Abby is a model, social media star and content creator.

She used to work as a cosmetologist in Mandeville, Louisiana and rose to fame with her Instagram account where she currently has 2.3 millions followers.

Since then, she has worked with a number of fashion and beauty brands such as Fashion Nova and Knock Out Watches.

Abby also gained popularity after dating fellow influencer and YouTube star RiceGum. The two started dating in 2019 and called it quits a few months later.

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Who is Abby Rao’s rumoured boyfriend?

Abby hasn’t officially confirmed the name of her boyfriend but many of her followers have speculated that her partner is Royce David.

Royce, whose real name is Royce Pearson, is a producer, DJ and songwriter. He rose to fame after his collaboration with Lil Mosey and he continued working with the rapper on a couple of other projects, including his album ‘Northsbest’. 

Royce is on Instagram under the handle @roycedavid where he currently has 109k followers.

Fans have speculated that Royce and Abby are dating as they recently shared an Instagram Story from the same place – Covington, Louisiana.

But nothing is official until Abby and Royce come forward and confirm that they are really an item.

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Abby Rao talks boyfriend

Earlier this summer, Abby appeared on The Tom Ward Show which is when her fans got to know that she is dating again.

Speaking to presenter Tom Ward, the TikTok star revealed that she has a new boyfriend, though she didn’t reveal his name at the time.

When Tom asked her if he has more or less followers than her, Abby responded:

“We’re about the same level. He is older on the internet though. He’s been on the internet for a longer time. But we’re about the same size actually.”

Abby has over 2 million followers on Instagram, while Royce has just 109k fans, so this information has left many of Abby’s fans baffled whether Royce is her rumoured boyfriend after all.

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