FIFA 21 has been available via EA Play and Early Access, but – for those who didn’t want to subscribe to EA or pay a ridiculous spike in price for three days Early Access – the Standard Edition comes out very soon. The game has been reviewed by many outlets with some saying it provides “fancy footwork with plenty of goals“. Seeing as it offers a break from the VAR nonsense and lifelessness of no crowds, this year’s instalment is massively anticipated and lots of people are asking: what time does FIFA 21 come out? Here you’ll discover the release time for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

There have been changes made to Career Mode to superficially resemble Football Manager, but – again – the popularity of the game will mostly stem from Ultimate Team. Controversy has reared its ugly head once more with EA apologising for advertising loot boxes in a children’s toy magazine, but it never matters as the series remains ridiculously popular despite the annual moral uproar from the supposedly offended.

While everyone always lambasts Ultimate Team, loot boxes, and a supposed lack of innovation and changes, below you’ll discover the release time for when FIFA 21 will come out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC because you’re going to buy it anyways.

FIFA 21 preload

You can preload the Standard Edition of FIFA 21 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

FIFA 21 is available to preload on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin, but this is only if you pre-order the Standard Edition at its price of £59.99.

For pre-ordering the Standard Edition, you will receive the following bonuses (per the PSN store):

  • Up to three Rare Gold Packs, one per week for three weeks
  • Cover Star Loan item for five FUT matches
  • FUT Ambassador Player Pick, choose one of three player items for three FUT matches
  • Special Edition FUT kits and stadium items

What is the release time for FIFA 21?

The release time for when FIFA 21 will come out on PS4 and Xbox One is 00:00 BST on October 9th.

As for PC via Origin, the release time for when FIFA 21 will come out should be 23:00 BST on October 8th.

This means Origin users should get to play the game an hour earlier than console players in the United Kingdom.

Once the release time passes for the Standard Edition of FIFA 21, you will be able to play the game without any time limits.

And yes, there is a free upgrade available for PS5 and Xbox Series X.