Drama is rife in the grime world as rapper Chip has thrown some serious shade at Stormzy in his new track ‘Flowers’ after he allegedly pulled up at his house.

When Stormzy was rivalling with Bugzy years ago, him and Chip seemed to be best of friends. But that has certainly changed now, as Stormzy and Chip are now the ones beefing.

Shots were first fired when Stormzy called out the rapper in his verse on Tion Wayne’s track ‘I Dunno’. Then, Chip responded indirectly in the track ‘Waze’ with Skepta. Stormzy also called himself the ‘King of Grime’ in his Wiley diss track, something that certainly didn’t go down well with Chip.

Now there’s a whole load more drama – here’s everything you need to know about the latest Stormzy vs Chip beef.

Photo by Ollie Millington/Redferns

Chip claims Stormzy showed up at his house

Chip posted a now-deleted video to Twitter yesterday (October 8th) that allegedly shows Stormzy turning up at his house. The rapper didn’t seem to be home at the time, but the video was filmed by a girl who is presumably one of Chip’s neighbours.

The video allegedly shows Stormzy and a group of guys walking around outside Chip’s house. You can hear the girl who is filming in the background of the video. She said:

“Do you think you can just pull up at people’s houses? No one ain’t gonna phone you Stormzy. You’re disrespectful bro and that’s that. I don’t know what’s happened but you can’t just pull up to people’s houses like that.”

Stormzy and the group then get back into a black car and drive away.

Chip calls out Stormzy on his new track ‘Flowers’

At the same time as he posted the video, Chip also released his new track ‘Flowers’, and he really goes in on Stormzy.

‘Flowers’ calls out Stormzy for turning up at his house, with the first line saying: “I know where you live too, but that ain’t the point of this.” Then, he continues to say “they ain’t used to black people screamin’ down the car-parks” in direct reference to the video.

The whole track is all about Stormzy, and every line fires more shots at the rapper. View the full lyrics here and listen to the track below.

Will Stormzy respond to the track? We’ll have to wait and see.

Wiley responds to the Stormzy vs Chip beef

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for, Wiley has reacted to the Stormzy vs Chip beef. Things are really getting juicy now!

In a video obtained from Twitter, Wiley said: “Listen, I’m all for the war. I love war you know.”

He then said he’s not trying to see his “two young gunners doing it” and then spoke directly to Stormzy: “Mike, I’ve told you before, It’s 2020 you can’t just be going round people’s doors it’s not the old days.”

“Chipmunk do your thing and Mike do your thing, clash but bruv be careful mate because a video in the car park. F*cking hell. Imagine if I was in John Woolf’s car park,” he said.

Fans share memes following the Stormzy vs Chip drama

Ever since the Stormzy and Chip drama started, internet users have been sharing some hilarious memes. Here are some of the best:

Stormzy outside church vs Stormzy outside Chip’s.

Stormzy seeing Chip at the petrol station.

Wiley watching the beef.

Chip tomorrow morning after Stormzy gets J Hus on him.

Wiley running to get involved in the Stormzy and Chip beef.

Everyone watching the drama unfold.

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