After Mike Pence spent a good few minutes of his Vice President debate with a fly crawling on his head, Joe Biden capitalised on it with a fly swatter on his campaign site.

The fly swatter appeared on the site titled ‘Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter’ and costs $10, which goes towards the Joe Biden Victory Fund.

Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images

According to its site, the Biden Victory Fund is a joint fundraising effort between Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and state parties. This means any fly swatter profits should go straight back into the Biden presidential campaign.

The @TeamJoe twitter account tweeted the image of the swatter alongside the words: “Don’t let this debate buzz off”.

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For those looking to buy the fly swatter however, you’re out of luck as it’s already sold out online.

Twitter’s reaction to Joe Biden’s fly swatter

People on Twitter found the new Biden merch hilarious and one user tweeted: “I made this purchase and I don’t regret it.”

Meanwhile, others felt it distracted people from the actual debate, tweeting: “The fact you are focusing on a fly, really means you know you had no proper arguments, and lost the debate.”

Other viral political merch

Although, such niche merchendise might come as a shock at first, it’s not the first surprising political merch we’ve seen.

Other than the famous red caps, the Trump campaign also sells Christmas tree ornaments and dog collars.

Meanwhile, in the last election, Hilary Clinton released colouring books and gold flash tattoos.

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