Chipmunk fans remember ‘Waze’ in the wake of new Chip and Stormzy beef. Let’s explore the origins through the lyrics.

If you’re a music enthusiast then you’re surely no stranger to a good feud.

Rap fans, in particular, have chronicled a number of notable beefs over the years, from Eminem facing off against Machine Gun Kelly to Wiley confronting Stormzy in a string of diss tracks.

Well, it looks like the time has come for Stormzy to conjure up some antagonistic bars once again.

The 27-year-old rapper has established himself as one of the biggest names in mainstream music across such releases as Gang Signs & Prayer and Heavy Is the Head.

However, it’s clear that not everybody is a fan and 29-year-old North London rapper Chip has sent for him in a new diss track called ‘Flowers’.

It was unveiled on Wednesday, October 7th 2020.

Nevertheless, fans will find that the rivalry of sorts stems back to a cut called ‘Waze’…

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Chipmunk: ‘Waze’ the source of Stormzy beef?

On the diss track ‘Flowers’, a number of the lyrics reference the song ‘Waze’ by Skepta, Chip and Young Adz:

  • “Me, I thought she broke your heart (damn) I ain’t know it was ‘Waze’ G”
  • “All of this, just because of ‘Waze’ and ‘I Dunno’? I Can’t lie, use to think you’re safe but I dunno”

As highlighted by The Independent, ‘Waze’ features lyrics which many believe were aimed at Stormzy.

These include:

  • “You ain’t even done ten years in this ting. Round here we don’t hear you’re a king, man will take your throne”
  • “Tell me what, you believe in God? (Ha) Kill ’em off, that’s a holy ghost (Brr)”
  • “Put on your album, I’m skippin’ through. This ain’t the shit ni**as whippin’ to (No)”

The source notes that this is perhaps where tensions between Chip and Stormzy began.

Stormzy Chip feud: ‘I Dunno’

So, you may be wondering why Chip referenced the track ‘I Dunno’ on ‘Flowers’.

On the song with Tion Wayne and Dutchavelli, it’s widely believed that Stormzy called out Chip with the following lyrics:

“Is he sending for me? I dunno. What them boy there sell first week? I dunno.”

The song was released back in May. However, it’s clear that Chip hasn’t forgotten about the fan speculation.

Fans weigh in memes on Chip Stormzy beef

Since ‘Flowers’ was released, a number of music fans have flocked to Twitter to weigh in their thoughts on the escalating feud.

Of course, the memes are in.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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