Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer mode sounds like it’s going to be well worth players’ time. According to developers at Ubisoft Toronto, the game’s expansive selection of co-op missions will give the player plenty to do with their friends.

Multiplayer has always been a core part of the Watch Dogs experience, with players either working together or competitively to hack the world around them.

From the sounds of things, this time the developers have gone the extra mile in crafting a separate, expansive open world designed specifically for co-op play.

Does Watch Dogs Legion have co-op multiplayer?

Watch Dogs Legion will feature an expansive multiplayer open world which will be available after an update on December 3rd. Bear in ming that it won’t be ready at launch on October 29th.

According to the developers, the goal has been to create a quicker hacking experience, to allow players to spend less time waiting around for each other. This means that the multiplayer game needed its own separate open world that’s optimised for more than one player.

This new multiplayer world will operate in parallel to Watch Dog Legion’s single-player game. While the co-op missions will be self-contained, there will be some story elements that bleed across from the main campaign – even if Ubisoft Toronto is cagey about giving too many details at present.

Does Watch Dogs Legion have competitive multiplayer?

According to Ubisoft, in addition to the co-op gameplay, friends will also be able to play Watch Dogs Legion online together in a competitive fashion. This mode isn’t very expansive, but it’s something.

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Anyone who wants to can participate in Spider-Bot Arena, in which the player customises and sends out their own little Spider-Bot to duel against up to seven other players. Additional PVP modes, such as the popular Invasion mode from Watch Dogs 2, will be added in later updates.

By Ubisoft’s own admission, this mode isn’t as expansive as the main co-op mode, but it does at least add a little extra variety to the multiplayer modes offered in Watch Dogs Legion.

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