Ryan Haywood has addressed fans on Twitter with a leaving message explaining his departure from Video Game company Rooster Teeth.

Ryan is a 39-year-old actor from Georgia and has worked extensively with Rooster Teeth. Ryan has co-starred in several live-action productions such as Rooster Teeth Shorts, Immersion, Million Dollars, But…, The Gauntlet, Ten and Eleven Little Roosters.

There have been multiple rumours erupting across social media, particularly Twitter, as to what Ryan Haywood is leaving. Here’s the lowdown!

Is Ryan Haywood leaving Rooster Teeth?

  • Yes, Ryan Haywood is leaving Rooster Teeth. He released the news on his Twitter account yesterday, October 6th, at 10:55 PM. Ryan explained that he will be leaving “RT” which fans know as Rooster Teeth, as he has made some mistakes.

The live-streamer didn’t go into detail on the mistakes that he has made but did acknowledge that they are his consequences to deal with. This could be the reason that the comments section is disabled for people to make remarks on the original tweet.

Ryan seemingly addressed the recent rumours in his statement on Twitter and confirmed that nothing he did was illegal. In the tweet, he stated:

“I do want to say emphatically that I never did anything illegal.”

YouTuber wants to “rebuild his family”!

Ryan has been caught up along with Adam Kovic in rumours surrounding nude photos being leaked. There have been accusations from social media users that Ryan is the man in the leaked pictures, which people have speculated is the reason for his departure from Rooster Teeth.

However, this has not been confirmed. Likewise, Adam Kovic is yet to address the speculation.

Other Rooster Teeth fans believe that the photos are fake as there is little evidence to support the identity of the people in the photos. Ryan also has a wife and two children and touches on the fact that he wants to focus on rebuilding his family in his goodbye tweets. He mentioned that people have been harassing and threatening them and made a plea for this to stop.

Finally, Ryan apologised to anyone he has hurt in the past, as there are many of his fans who are saddened by the departure news.

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