Who is Jason Gelinas? Curiosity surrounding the Citigroup manager started growing after his link with a QAnon conspiracy theory website came to light.

The internet is a vast – and vastly entertaining – place. You can easily get lost down rabbit holes for hours and end up on the darker side of things, like the many sites dedicated to conspiracy theories about everything and anything.

With 2020 being so tumultuous, certain theories have gained visibility on social media by promising users access to classified information.

Did we say “information”? “Speculation” might be a more fitting word for what QAnon has to offer.

This is what put Jason Gelinas right in the middle of a media storm. Let’s explore.

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Who is Jason Gelinas?

  • Jason Gelinas is a former manager at Citigroup Inc, who was recently fired from his position after his employer discovered he was the operator of QMap.pub.

QMap is the most popular website dedicated to promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

According to Bloomberg Law, Citigroup launched an investigation into Gelinas’s activities, who was a Technology Department Manager, during the course of which his role on the conspiracy site came to light.

Gelinas was initially placed on paid leave after the fact-checking website Logically.ai linked him to QMap.pub.

Bloomberg Law includes a statement from the company:

“Mr. Gelinas is no longer employed by Citi. Our code of conduct includes specific policies that employees are required to adhere to, and when breaches are identified, the firm takes action.”

The source also includes insight gleaned from interviews with Gelinas’ friends, who chose to remain anonymous. One said about Jason: “He hated the idea of Obama. He thought that it was a setup and that he was elected to satisfy the Black population.”

They add that Jason would become visibly angry when the former president was brought up in conversation and had even called him “the Antichrist” on occasion.

Bloomberg Businessweek also includes that Gelinas was registered as a Democrat ahead of the 2008 election, but gradually became more right-leaning.

What is QAnon? Conspiracy theory explained

The QAnon conspiracy theory that Jason Gelinas has been associated with alleges that there is a cabal of satanic paedophiles who run a global child sex-trafficking ring.

It’s a far-right theory, whose believers think this international cabal is plotting against president Donald Trump.

As highlighted by the BBC, Qanon followers say that Trump is fighting against this ring and that a day of reckoning referred to as ‘The Storm’ will see those involved with the cabal brought to justice.

In another recent update, Facebook has banned all accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy group from its platforms.

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