The world just lost one of the biggest rock stars of all time, Eddie Van Halen, and social media is being flooded with memes to celebrate his life.

Eddie Van Halen was an American musician, songwriter and producer most famous for being the lead guitarist in the rock band Van Halen, which he founded in 1972 with his brother Alex Van Halen.

The 65-year-old from Amsterdam has sadly passed away this week following a long battle with throat cancer, and rock lovers around the world are mourning the loss of such an iconic musician.

Here are 19 of the best Eddie Van Halen Memes that social media users are sharing in memory of him.

Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

19 best Eddie Van Halen Memes

RIP Eddie. The rock star has joined some of the biggest legends the world has lost in recent years.

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Remember that famous Back To The Future scene? It wouldn’t have existed without Eddie Van Halen.

This meme will really get you feeling emotional.

Eddie’s famous guitar will always be remembered.

Lost but never forgotten.

When you realise there’s a whole generation of young people who don’t even know who Eddie Van Halen is.

Let’s all raise a pint for Eddie.

Heaven has gained a true rock legend.

All the dads out there are losing their favourite musicians.

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Not Eddie Van Halen too. The world is losing some real stars.

This logo will live on forever.

Videos of Eddie playing the guitar will never get boring.

It’s sad to know that Eddie won’t ever be jumping again.

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We lost Eddie Van Halen before Donald Trump? Doesn’t seem very fair really.

What an iconic entrance.

Van Halen’s album artwork is a meme in itself.

Eddie’s Beat It solo will never be forgotten.

This McDonalds photo will always be iconic.

When you find out someone only knows Jump. Definitely not a true Van Halen fan.

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