Victorious is a much-loved Nickelodeon series from the early 2010s but fans are still asking ‘why was Cat Valentine was crazy in Victorious?’

Kids’ TV shows are things that will always stick with us after we spent many an hour sat in front of the TV after getting home from school.

Nickelodeon has often provided plenty of entertainment in this regard and many shows on the channel are held in high esteem by fans.

One such series, that still has a following to this day, is Victorious which gave a breakthrough role to Ariana Grande as the character of Cat Valentine.

Cat has long been a fan-favourite from the show but her oddball tendencies have often prompted questions from fans.

One question that still gets asked by fans today is ‘why was Cat crazy in Victorious?’


Victorious on Nickelodeon

Victorious first aired on Nickelodeon way back in 2010 and aired for three seasons until 2013. Earlier in 2020, Victorious celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The series, set at the Hollywood Arts performing arts school, focuses on the character of Tori Vega as she looks to find her place at school and make a name for herself in the performing arts industry.

Joining Tori at Hollywood Arts is a loveable cast of characters that features the likes of Robbie, Cat, Andre, Jade, Beck and Trina, all of whom add something to the group.


Cat Valentine in Victorious

Cat Valentine, played by Ariana Grande, is one of Victorious’s most recognisable characters, in-part thanks to her dyed red hair.

Cat is shown to be a loving and caring person but is also known for regularly becoming distracted, not taking criticism well and generally seeming a little dim-witted.

We see very little of Cat’s home life but we know that her brother is quite possibly mentally ill and that her parents aren’t always as caring as they should be.

On the surface, many of Cat’s personality traits could well be seen simply as quirks but many fans think that there is more going on with Cat than meets the eye.


Why did Cat seem crazy in Victorious?

  • Cat Valentine is supposedly bipolar.

There are countless theories as to why Cat is the way she is, ranging from potential autism to the effects of her brother being somewhat unhinged.

However, the reason behind Cat’s quirkiness seems to have been revealed in a video on, a website where fans got to see extra bits and pieces – such as behind-the-scenes videos – from the show.

In one video, highlighted on the YouTube channel Jayniac Jr, we see Robbie singing about each character and during his segment about Cat, he reveals that she is bipolar.

This little behind-the-scenes titbit offers up a huge explanation behind Cat’s character and her easily-distracted nature and tendency to have wild mood swings that range between mania and depression.

According to Jayniac Jr, Cat is shown to exhibit traits such as inflated self-esteem, being more talkative than usual, having racing thoughts, distractibility, being incredibly driven or lethargic and having excessive involvement in activities that could cause painful consequences, all of which apply to having bipolar disorder.

According to the UK’s NHS website, type 1 bipolar disorder – which best fits Cat according to Jayniac Jr – can be caused by anything from a chemical imbalance, through genetics or having gone through stressful or traumatic events.

As we’ve seen in the way Cat talks about her family, she endures an often troubled home life and the stresses of going through such an upbringing are one cause of bipolar disorder and could be a key factor in the way her character behaves.

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