Max and Ruby has been on our screens since 2002 and fans have long since wondered about why Max never speaks in Max and Ruby.

Children’s TV shows that we grew up with as kids will always have a special place in our heart.

After all, it’s these TV shows that help form us as children and teach us plenty of vital life lessons through colourful characters and entertaining misadventures.

One of the longest-running kids’ TV shows of recent years has been the Canadian series Max and Ruby which stars the titular cute and cuddly bunnies.

However, over the years, fans of the series have begun asking questions about Max and Ruby including where are their parents and why does Max never speak in Max and Ruby?

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby first hit our screens in 2002 and has returned every few years for a new batch of episodes with the most recent season coming in 2019.

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The series focuses on the titular characters of three-year-old Max and seven-year-old Ruby, a pair of young bunny rabbits who, more often than not, go off on their own for a series of adventures.

Throughout much of the early series, Max rarely spoke and more often than not spoke in simple sentences that were just a few words long

As a result, fans were constantly left asking why Max only spoke in such short sentences.

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Fan theories offer up dark reasons why Max doesn’t talk

Over the years a number of fan theories have emerged about Max and Ruby that offer up suggestions about why three-year-old Max doesn’t talk much and also why Max and Ruby don’t seem to have any parents.

Earlier in 2020, a Distractify article shone a light on some of these disturbing fan theories.

One theory suggested that Max and Ruby’s parents died in a car crash and that Max was injured in the accident, leaving him only able to speak in short sentences.

This theory is backed up by an urn-shaped container that can be seen in Max and Ruby’s house and the fact Max plays often plays with police car and ambulance toys, harking back to the supposed accident.

Another theory suggests that Max’s grandma, seen throughout the series, may have abused him and that the trauma of such actions may have left him too scared to speak.

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Our view: Why Max doesn’t speak in Max and Ruby

The theories behind Max’s lack of speaking and the missing parents are all debunked by the show itself.

While in early series, Max only spoke in short sentences and their parents were nowhere to be seen, later seasons change this by giving Max longer sentences and even introducing us to Max and Ruby’s parents.

For Max to start speaking could easily be due to him growing up. Don’t forget, he’s only supposed to be three years old in the show and him not speaking could easily be put down to him being too shy to say much, something which has changed as he’s grown slightly and his parents are around to support him.

And as for the absence of Max and Ruby’s parents, this has been explained by Max and Ruby’s creator, Rosemary Wells, who said in an interview for Nick Jr that “We don’t see Max and Ruby’s parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they’re on their own.”

Wells is simply saying that Max and Ruby is there to show the kids solving problems on their own, without their parents watching over them.

We’ve seen this plenty of times in shows such as Dora the Explorer and it’s a great way of getting children to learn from their peers rather than always being told what to do by parents.

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