Twitter is taking a break from the real world to focus on important things: the viral Trisha Paytas toilet paper pic. The social media star has been trending on Twitter after a nude photo was leaked of her rear end with toilet paper stuck to it. Hilarious reactions to the image have taken over our timelines and here are the 10 best viral memes!

The explicit photo was released yesterday, October 5th, and instantly erupted across all social media platforms. Trisha has acknowledged the leaked photo by playfully addressing how she is trending on Twitter and promoting her Only Fans account.

The 32-year-old has a popular YouTube following with over 1.35 Million subscribers. Fans are awaiting a video where she addresses the nude picture.

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Twitter reacts to Trisha Paytas toilet paper pic

  • Curious fans flooded Twitter to share their reactions to the leaked Trisha Paytas pics, with most of them wishing they had never looked into why she was trending. In the picture, Trisha sports a purple T-shirt and pink crocs, with no underwear on and bits of toilet paper stuck to her bottom.

Hardcore Trisha Paytas fans have been attempting to spam everyone’s Twitter timelines to save the picture from circulating. Trisha clearly appreciated the support and retweeted this tweet.

The 10 best Trisha Paytas memes!

Of course, lots of hilarious memes came out of this whole thing. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Many people want to pretend they never saw the Trisha Paytas toilet paper pic

2. Others got hooked in while in class

3. BTS fans are just trying to focus on their fave band

4. After seeing the post some claim to be ‘traumatised’

5. Curiosity is a killer

6. Others are hoping for a time machine

7. Even ads are coming to the rescue

8. It’s taught some users to mind their own business

9. This meme reaction sums it up!

10. Some things just can’t be unseen

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