Is The Worst Witch season 5 confirmed? Let’s consider the show’s renewal status as fans work their way through season 4 episodes.

Who said Halloween viewing had to be scary?

Audiences have been getting into the spirit this year as best they can, decorating, carving pumpkins and devouring delicious seasonal grub.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without some horror-themed viewing though.

While many are turning to frightening and iconic efforts like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play, others are tuning in to some perfect comfort viewing with The Worst Witch season 4.

The series was written by Emma Reeves and is an adaptation of Jill Murphy’s popular The Worst Witch book series. It arrived on screens back in 2017 and although season 4 landed earlier in 2020, Netflix rolled it out later on Thursday, October 1st 2020.

Since then it has reached so many viewers and most are already keen to return to Cackle’s Academy with their favourite characters.

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So, what do we know so far?

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Is The Worst Witch season 5 confirmed?

  • No, The Worst Witch season 5 has not been confirmed. However, there is an important reason to be hopeful…

As highlighted by The Cinemaholic, witches enrol at Cackle’s Academy at the age of 11/12 and conclude their time there at around 16-17 years old.

Essentially, it’s a five-year stay and Maud specifically says in season 4 that the next academic year will conclude with graduation. With this in mind, there is one school year and therefore one season left to enjoy.

Reflecting back on the events of season 4, we saw Mildred, Maud and Ethel save Cackle, Agatha banish herself and perhaps most importantly, Mildred made a huge discovery.

Spike is her father and Izzy is her sister.

She’s also made head girl and we expect to see her take on the position properly in the potential forthcoming season.

So, in short, season 5 should present the characters’ final school year!

The Worst Witch season 5 release date?

Considering it hasn’t officially been announced yet, it’s perhaps premature to talk about a release date.

However, the UK tends to air it every January.

So, if the pattern continues, The Worst Witch season 5 should reach screens in January 2021.

On the other hand, it’s a possibility that it will be delayed if renewed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans talk season 4

A number of fans have taken the time to offer their thoughts of season 4 over on Twitter since its Netflix release.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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