The UK just revealed that they lost Covid-19 results after inputting data into Microsoft Excel, and it’s reminding social media users of an old music video.

In 2020, everything is turned into a meme. Trump has Covid? Make a meme. The world is in lockdown? Another meme. The UK loses 16,000 test results? You guessed it, Twitter users are making it into a meme.

Here’s exactly why inputting Covid-19 results onto Excel relates to an old Kelly Rowland song from the early 2000s.

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What is the Kelly Rowland Excel Meme?

A meme is being shared round social media today that relates to American singer and songwriter Kelly Rowland.

The meme is a screenshot from the music video of the 2002 song ‘Dilemma’ that Kelly Rowland featured on with Nelly. In the video, Nelly and Kelly Rowland play two lovers who want to speak to each other but can’t.

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Near the end of the video, Kelly can be seen texting Nelly using her Nokia phone, asking him where he is. However, instead of texting him, it seems as though she actually input the message onto Microsoft Excel!

This has been a long-running joke amongst viewers ever since the music video was released, and both Kelly Rowland and Nelly still seem confused when they’re asked about it.

Twitter users compare meme to UK losing Covid results

After the news was announced that the UK lost 16,000 Covid-19 test results after failing to use the correct Microsoft Excel file format, social media users instantly began comparing it to the Kelly Rowland meme.

It seems that Kelly Rowland isn’t the only person who doesn’t know how to use the spreadsheet programme correctly, as Public Health England don’t either!

Twitter users have found it completely hilarious, claiming that: “Track and Trace data being stored on Excel is the 2020 equivalent of Kelly Rowland using it to text.”

“Maybe the test and trace developers saw the Kelly Rowland music video where she used Excel to send a text and thought “wow, looks like this software can do everything,” said one Twitter user.

Another said: “We took the piss out of Kelly Rowland for texting Nelly on Microsoft Excel. Turns out she was ahead of the curve as we’ve now got a government testing on it.”

One person said: “And I thought it was bad when Nelly tried to use excel to send a message to Kelly Rowland #ToryIncompetence #excelgate.”

And finally: “If Kelly Rowland managed to text Nelly using Microsoft Excel in 2002, the government have no excuse for this debacle.”

How did the UK lose Covid-19 results?

As reported by the BBC, Public Health England are to blame for the loss of almost 16,000 Covid-19 results, which were left unreported following a mistake with the programme Microsoft Excel.

Commercial firms had been paid to analyse Covid-19 swab tests, determining whether people were positive or negative for the virus and then filing their results into text-based lists.

Public Health England then set up an automatic process to put this data into an Excel spreadsheet. However, they chose an old file format to do this, meaning that each template could only handle 65,000 rows of data rather than the 1 million it is supposed to.

This essentially meant that many cases were left off the spreadsheet and were therefore not included in official government data.

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